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Wonderful Event at DM Pastoral Center!

Check out this wonderful event by Christiani’s VIP Catering Service at the downtown Pastoral Center! Tonights guests enjoyed a celebratory mass followed by an evening filled with delicious drinks, tasty cuisine and lots of laughter! This evening’s meal began with our Signature Antipasto Table! A feast filled table with gourmet artisan cheeses, cured Italian meats, fresh vegetables with dill dip, and jumbo shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce! YUM! Next is a combination of our Signature Tapas Tables! Juicy Swedish Meatballs, cheesy raviolis swimming in a basil marinara, spicy Italian sausages, and turkey/ham salad served on sweet rolls! After getting a divine plate of food, guests enjoyed a full service bar including fine wine, domestic beers, fresh lemonade, and ice cold water!

Book your 2022/2023 weddings, corporate events, and parties with Christiani’s VIP Catering Service! Give us a call today at (515) 287-3169 or email us at!

Be sure to ask about our Signature Food & Bar Services!


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