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The Monroe

"In 2017, Abbott Events opened it's doors to Kansas City's wedding and corporate events scene. After five years, four venues, and over 500 successful events hosted, we decided it was time to expand the celebrations beyond Kansas City!


After successfully opening The Winslet in Wichita, KS, we set our eyes on West Des Moines as our next location."


Behind The Name

"The name "The Monroe" was intentionally crafted to incorporate the Abbott Events brand and experience. Following suit with The Harlow and The Bardot - named after legendary actresses Jean Harlow and Brigitte Bardot, we choose to model our newest venue after the enduringly iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Known for her timeless beauty, elegant simplicity, & warm disposition, we strive to embody and share these same characteristics with everyone who comes through the front doors of The Monroe."

Christiani's Catering

Christiani's VIP Catering was founded over 40 years ago by lifelong partners Larry & Carol Christiani. These two, with family, have turned a passion into a profession! Originating from the east coast, Christiani's has brought "New England Flare" to the Des Moines Metro!

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