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Holiday Party at Reiman Gardens

Here is a short preview of an amazing company holiday party by Christiani’s VIP Catering Service at the Reiman Gardens. Valued employees enjoyed hand passed shrimp cocktails, stuffed mushrooms, tangy teriyaki skewers and crunchy tomato crostinis. For supper? A delicious meal consisting of soft bread and butter, our fresh Italian house salad, buttery green bean almandine, sweet ham in a smooth pineapple glaze, sweet baby carrots, fluffy rice pilaf, juicy Italian roast chick, mouth watering Swedish meatballs, and juicy roast beef with sweet peppers!Book your 2022/2023 holiday parties, company appreciation parties, and weddings with Christiani’s VIP Catering Service at the Reiman Gardens! Call us today at 515-287-3169 or email us at!


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